The Logomania Comeback


Streetstyle Stars incorporating the Louis Vuitton Monogram into their outfit

Heidi Klum has famously exclaimed in her hit show Project Runway that “In Fashion, one day you’re in, the next you’re out.” Sure, to us, trends, especially in fashion, tend to be linear— they appear, they gain steam, they peak, they dissipate, and then they’re gone; what the German supermodel fails to recognize is that in fashion, nothing ever really goes away: just when a trend seems to have burned out and appear as though they’re passé, that’s exactly when it starts creeping back into prominence.


dior rasta

Dior Spring/Summer 2004 Campaign featuring their monogram

Which brings us to the latest fad of the moment: Logo Bags. They were everywhere in the early-to-late 2000s, then, like last season’s choker trend, appear to have suddenly fallen out of favor in a major way, and then circa 2014, started to slowly crept its monogram toes back into favor.


GUCCIGucci’s Dionysus Bag features an oriental twist on their classic GG Supreme print 


Dior’s Fall/Winter 2017 offering features a contemporary interpretation of their heritage print


Where in the early part of decade brands would go to great lengths to hide their logos in hardware engraving or small gold stamps, the end of this decade has brought back a logo nostalgia for a lot consumers who yearn to go back in time; back to the days when the need to be seen with what brand you’re wearing was the big ticket to getting recognized; and with strong advocates of the Logomania trend such Alessandro Michelle and Maria Grazia Chiuri at the helm of both Gucci and Dior respectively, we can see how the latest crop of budding fashionistas such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are at the forefront of the crowd.


KENDALLKendall Jenner rocking a vintage Louis Vuitton bum bag


Bella Hadid with an all-out Fendi FF Monogram outfit


Now, in the early part of 2018, it seems that every major fashion house has jumped shipped and have plastered their branding in every product surface imaginable; From Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Loewe, and Prada revisiting and reinvesting in their iconic monograms and logos, whether worn earnestly or ironically, seems to be in favor of all the trendsetters.



A modern take on a classic look as seen on Chiara Ferragni

To rock this trend without looking dated, style it in either one of two extremes: the safe and classic route in the house’s traditional monogram and definitive design, or go the contemporary route with forward-looking pieces that uses the familiar monogram in an experimental fashion. Either way, we’ve curated a selection of our Logomania pieces that would fit any style parameter here.
Happy Hunting!